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Birmingham Chooses LEADER LIGHT for Corporate Lighting

LEADER LIGHT Stage Wash RBGAW fixtures chosen for cyc lighting and other functions

In the few short months of being distributed in the UK by White Light, the comprehensive range of LED fixtures from LEADER LIGHT has attracted quite considerable attention – and has already been selected by a number of lighting practitioners, including the team at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre.


The theatre has purchased seven LEADER LIGHT Stage Wash RGBAW fixtures, a 60cm long, 12cm wide, 12.5cm deep LED batten that incorporates five LED colours – red, green, blue, amber and white – to give a higher output and more flexible colour options than the more familiar three-colour RGB fixtures. The Stage Wash is easy to control, using standard 5-pin XLR DMX connectors, and has the familiar LED virtue of using less energy – 110W maximum – than equivalent tungsten fixtures.

Barry Hope, Technical Manager for the Birmingham Hippodrome, describes the Stage Wash as a “great product – light weight and easily controlled.” He also praises the fixtures versatility, commenting on how it is “easily adaptable with different lens options.” This is achieved by the interchangeable VarioOptic modules, which can be swapped without the use of tools to give beam angles of 15, 30, 40, 60 degrees or a 20-40 degree elliptical beam.

The VarioOptic modules are just part of a comprehensive range of accessories that LEADER LIGHT offer for the Stage Wash, with barndoors, a wide range of rigging brackets and a selection of diffuser panels also available.

In Birmingham, the fixtures are now in use “all the time, to backlight the white cyclorama” and for other corporate lighting projects.

Further information about the Stage Wash, and the rest of the comprehensive range of LED fixtures manufactured by LEADER LIGHT, can be found at our web pages; demonstrations can be arranged by contacting White Light on 020 8254 4840 or via the company’s website, www.WhiteLight.Ltd.uk.

Photo courtesy of Birmingham School of Acting, production in the Patrick Centre.
Lighting by Mark Pritchard.

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