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SHK37 Piestany is the first stadium with LED lighting

The ice arena at Piešťany SHK37 has been equipped with new economical LED lighting for its ice rink area from August. As far as we know it is the first and the only arena in Europe or even world-wide.


With new modern LED lighting has been reached 60% direct saving of total power demand.

Considering all requirements the calculation was made for three basic illumination levels:
Class II and III for practice, figure skating, public skating, maintenance, etc.: designed and measured horizontal illumination ~ 450lx
Class I is designed for league, local and national games: designed and measured horizontal illumination ~ 880lx
TV broadcasting: designed and measured horizontal illumination over 1,350lx

Basic levels of the above classes can be easily set up on a control desk. Each level can be smoothly dimmed down to 0lx value. Individual illumination levels are achieved by switching the fixture blocks. Color rendering index Ra is over 75 and chromaticity temperature is 5,600K.

To achieve the highest level lighting 184 luminaries LL SPORT 42 and 92 drivers LL SPORT DRIVER are necessary.

The total power demand of the lighting system is 35kW.

Compared to the original discharge lighting solution, of which power demand was ~ 88kW, 60% direct saving of total power demand has been reached. LED luminaries are fully dimmable from 0% to 100% which enables to save electric power in real time operation.

For example, the lighting can be dimmed to lower levels during breaks and maintenance and the real saving reaches 70%. However, that is not the end! Lifetime of LED solution is 50,000 hours (at 70% degradation).
With respect to the lighting operation of ~350 days a year at full power of illumination of 14 hours a day it is clear that there is no need to touch or change the light sources for approximately 10 years! However, for trainings, pupils and junior games and recreation a lower-level operation is used and the operation is regulated it is assumed that lifetime of the LED luminaries is 20 to 25 years.

Expected return of the total investment due to the saved electric power is 3 to 4 years.

Please, pay your attention to information that thanks to dimming the lifetime of LED source is longer compared to the discharge lamps or fluorescent lamps of which lifetime is reduced due to dimming and their maintenance and replacement costs rise.

Environmental effects are also considerable: LED´s are 100% recyclable and contain no dangerous substances and greatly contribute to lowering emissions generated in electric power production.
The original lighting produced ~79 tons of CO2 emissions a year as a result of consumed electric power need for illumination of the ice arena however, LED produces ~20 tons of CO2 a year.

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