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Lighting in YASMIN Hotel 2009

Hotel Yasmin**** is a design hotel located in the Eastern Slovakia. Its interior is a unique combination of latest design and great comfort and functionality. LEADER LIGHT has contributed to make the hotel more attractive and unique after it installed its tailored lighting.


Lobby foyer and halls are lit by custom made built-in LL halogen down lights (450pieces) and custom made lights T5 - LL ART NEO (96 pieces).

To highlight the details of banisters, bars, staircase flexi LINE LED lights have been used (over 1,000 m of white color and over 200 m RGB). Latest design of Restaurant Cafe Bar Noodles and "Peklo" Restaurant and its stylish environment and atmosphere are really authentic also due to LEADER LIGHT lights.

On the top of the above the premises include multi functional conference rooms and variable rooms with the latest equipment and relax wellness center, which are lit by 96 pieces of LL LED POINT RGB. The lights in the hotel are controlled by universal LL Drivers (40 pieces) and controlling units made by e:cue.

Used products:
LL ART NEO custom design 96x
LL halogen down lights custom design 450x



Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate ISO 9001
LEADER LIGHT, s.r.o. M. Gorkeho 33
SK - 052 01 Spisska Nova Ves
Slovak Republic

Reg. Nr.: 36 188 433
TIN: 2020034280
VAT Reg. Nr.: SK2020034280

tel.: +421 (0)53 41 888 11
fax: +421 (0)53 41 888 18
email: sales@leaderlight.sk