LL A3 BIG POINT 01 is powerful LED accent spot with graceful light performance. It is a modern alternative to conventional white lighting solutions. This spot efficiently replaces halogen lamps.
Fixture is intended to decorative accent lighting, requiring the strength and clear light and is available with two colour temperatures – optionally 3000° (Ra is ~ 80) or 6300°K (Ra is ~ 65).

The spot contains top class LEDs using AC current without any additional convertor with accurate and uniform light distribution. An important qualitative feature of all products A3 family is long service life time of 35000 hours.

One design, five models are available - surface, bracket, suspended, recessed or in ground.

Main applications :

  • decorative and accent lighting
  • highlight for museums, art galleries
  • historical and modern buildings, public areas


Datasheets - not available
Manual - LL A3 BIG POINT 01 BASIC W/N (Obsolete) - [2010.08.25] [0.76MB]
IES files - not available
CAD 2D/3D Files
CAD symbols - LL A3 BIG POINT 01 BASIC W/N (Obsolete) - [2010.05.10] [0.12MB]
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