LL ARC NEO RGBAW is a LED based range of surface mounted luminaires for TV, theatre, entertainment and architectural floodlighting.
  LL ARC NEO RGBAW provides dynamic colour changes of full colour spectrum as a wide palette of natural white light with continuously variable intensity.
  The luminaries are characterized by accurate and uniform light distribution.
  The rare optic generates perfect shaped light ideal for obscure area floodlighting and wall washing.
  This range of luminaries is compatible with DMX.

  LL ARC NEO - LEDs arrangement imitates fluorescent tubes.

Main applications :

  • floodlighting and wall washing for professional applications
  • illumination of TV studios, theatres, concerts, stages
  • lighting effects for bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels
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Manual - LL ARC NEO RGBAW (Obsolete) - [2009.04.01] [0.14MB]
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