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Press Release

LEADER LIGHT in www.stadia-magazine.com [Press release]

New LED lighting has reduced an arena's power requirements. In the Hostan Arena, an ice hockey stadium located in Znojmo, Czech Republic are used 144 LL SPORT luminaires.

Eurovíziu rozžiarili svetlá zo Spiša [Press Release]

"Za svetelnou šou na mnohých svetových pódiách nájdete malú slovenskú firmu LEADER LIGHT."

Press Release: LL STAGE BEAM in Production Partner

The magazine Production Partner tested LL STAGE BEAM.

LL stage beam 07.jpg
Press Release: Leader Light illuminates Holíc Truck Centre

The latest project implemented by the Slovak company LEADER LIGHT is the illumination of the Customs Truck Centre in Holíc.

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