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LEADER LIGHT Lights the Italian comet

2013 Italia - The next project which was made by Slovak company LEADER LIGHT is illuminance of the comet in Italian Verona, that comes from the monument at the Piazza Bra. It´s a symbol of 30th International Exhibition of Nativity in Art and Culture.


This time LEADER LIGHT´s LED lighting was used at the 30th International Exhibition of Nativity in Art and Culture, which takes place inside the arches of the Arena di Verona. The show started on 30th of November and will finish at the end of January, on 26th of January.

For the lighting of the comet it was used 10 LL SPORT 150W 5000K LENS 40° and 4 LL SPORT 150W 5000K LENS 30° for the comet´s arc.

The arc of the comet fades with the different luminance levels to produce the real effect of the comet and the 5000 K color temperature causes that the structure offers the proper glow of a star. LEADER LIGHT´s luminaries will reduce the energy consumption by more than 55 %, in compare with 400 W discharge lamps from the previous years.

The project is a sponsorship through free service, which is carried out by AREA ITALIA. The company will also distribute LEADER LIGHT´s products in Italy.

LEADER LIGHT is a Slovak company which produces LED lighting and LED technology for the entertainment, architainment and architecture markets. LEADER LIGHT fixtures are used in Theatres, Televisions, Concerts, Stages and Shows for indoor and outdoor applications and they are JP rated. In addition, the company emphasizes LED projects which can save the user operating costs for power consumption and lighting. LEADER LIGHT has 30 contracted distributors and 64 partners.


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