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Hockey Stadium HK Nitra, Slovakia

Lighting of the playing surface
- hockey stadium HK Nitra, Slovakia
- a unique quality 4K!


Date of implementation: July 2016
Client: City of Nitra
Capacity: 3,600 spectators

Originally lighting (year approx. 2005/2006)
- 34 pcs MVF 024 luminaires with HPI-T 1,000W
(CRI 57, 4300 K, life approx. 8,000 hours)
- 20 pieces of lighting MVF 401 and 403 with SON-T 1,000W / 842
(CRI 70, 4200 K, life approx. 10,000 hours)

Total power consumption: 57,664 Watt
Illuminance approximately Em (lx) = 1,450 lux*
The uniformity of Emin / Em from 0.8 to 0.5
depending on the degree of light*

The new LED lighting LEADER LIGHT:
- 148 pcs LL SPORT 4K D660-120-250W -...- 56K-C90
(CRI 90 min, 5600 K, lifetime approx. 100,000 hours)

Total power consumption: 37,000 Watt
Illuminance approximately Em (lx) = 1,373 lux*
Uniformity Emin / Em = 0.8 for all levels of illumination*

*Calculated values for the same factors hold 0.8 while for gas discharge St. is very high elected official should be about 0.6 which means that the fair value is approx. 1,100 lux

Advantages of the new system:
- Reduction of el. energy by 36%
- Higher color rendering index CRI 90 min
- Constant illumination uniformity Emin / Em = 0.842 for all grades
- Daylight temperture - 5600 K
- Capable of dimming 0-100%
- Instant start / restart
- Long life - about 100,000 hours

Lighting rink is under IIHF approximately 12% of total electricity. energy throughout the stadium. Light Replacement literally lit up the stadium thanks to high-quality light fittings that meet the strictest requirements and are suitable for 4K TV broadcasts.

In addition to reducing electricity consumption by approximately 36% has significantly increased the number of parameters:

- Color Rendering Index, which talks about how faithfully we perceive color, increased from approx. 60 to over 90, which contributes to a better Recognizer detail and to increase the field of vision. This game becomes more attractive and increases the legibility of the advertising spaces on the boards and the board.

- Light color - color temperature CCT = 5600 K receptors of the human eye is more sensitive to white light, so a comparable level of light we feel that the light intensity is higher than the previous system, which was warmer light and reached a level of approx. 4300 K.

- Uniformity is constant for all levels of illumination Emin / Em = 0.842. The old system allowed just stepped off the lamps because the lamps or lamps with dimmable and thus uniformity at the lowest level dropped to approx. 0.53. The new LED lamps are fully dimmable from 0 to 100%, which allows setting any level of lighting without compromising on its uniformity. In addition, LED lights dimming extends their service life.

- Instant start / restart - compared to the previous system which was to fully light up after approx. 20 minutes is a significant qualitative shift, which also has an impact on energy consumption. Also solves another problem - re-reboot. In the event of a power failure the lamp in addition to a long start-up and need time to cool down, and then they can be seamlessly switched.

- Long life - about 100,000 hours, affects ten times longer periods lamping, which is also reflected in the financial costs associated with maintenance.

Fact Sheet: LED lighting of hockey stadium


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