Original in every single detail
„We always wanted to do things differently than everybody else, to do it our own way. And our customers appreciate it.“
(Julius Szaraz, C.E.O. LEADER LIGHT)

Since the beginning, LEADER LIGHT has profiled itself as an original manufacturer of high-quality LED luminaires and as a supplier of customized solutions. After 23 years of experience with its own research and development, as well as flexible manufacturing processes and cooperation with renowned partners, it can offer its customers revolutionary lighting solutions.

High Technological Standard

Quality production equipment, perfect knowledge of control systems and technologies used in television, theater and architecture are the foundations on which we build from the beginning. We place emphasis on ecological manufacturing processes and 100% recyclability of all our luminaires.

Progressive Partners

We can implement our visions based on long-term cooperation with leading partners in the industry. The revolutionary LED technologies and optical systems tested as prototypes and used in our luminaires arise from mutual cooperation.

5 PRODUCT LINES and numerous variations
LEADER LIGHT luminaires can be tailored to individual customer needs and unique applications.

LL ENTERTAINMENT We are pioneers in lighting for theater stages, podiums, TV studios, concert halls and various social events. Our lighting solutions are used in most prominent theatrical and cultural institutions not only in Slovakia but also abroad.
LL ARCHITAINMENT The varied portfolio of LEADER LIGHT luminaires is intended for architectural lighting and has lit many facades and exteriors worldwide.
LL STREET The future of street lighting is in energy efficient solutions. We have developed luminaires and lighting control systems that can reduce operating costs by 50-85%.
LL INDUSTRY High effectiveness, variability and efficiency. We have taken into account all these factors and developed the ideal lighting solutions for production facilities.
LL SPORT Professional sporting venues require high quality luminaires and demanding solutions. We managed to meet the required lighting standards at the most popular stadiums many times.
Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate ISO 9001
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