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Technology for mechanical production

The bases of high precisely production are builded on high quality technology from TRUMPF company.TRUMPF flexible punching machine Trumatic TC2000R, TRUMPF CNC Press Brakes TrumaBend V 85S, supporting softwares Trumpf ToPs300 and Trumpf ToPs600 together with evolutionary 3D software - Autodesk Inventor® Series 8.0, all this power is ready to fast and flexible fill all production, development and custom requirements.

TRUMPF Flexible Punching Machine TRUMATIC 2000 R

Max. working area with steel sheet:1250 x 2500 mm
Max. sheet thickness:4,0 mm
Max. punching tonnage:180 kN
Linear magazine tools:9 tool stations - max. 17 tool stations
Max. punching diameter:single stroke 76 mm
Positioning accuracy:±0,1 mm

TRUMPF CNC Press Brakes TrumaBend V 85S

Tonnage:850 kN
Bending Lenght:2550 mm
Operating height:1050 mm

Point welding machine, sawmill for saw of aluminium profiles, 3t hand press and standed boring machine are the compact tools for mechanical production.
The Trumpf TrumaBend V85s is one our most versatile Press Brakes, and is an amazing machine in iteself. The TrumaBend V85's main advantage is it's modular tooling, which gives more efficient setup time. It has 85 Tons of available tonnage, and 81 inches of bending length.

Powder coating technology

For high quality powder coating is in use electrostatic coating technology from Swiss company GEMA.

Sanding machine and phosphate machine with special closed heather cycle for minimalization of ecology damages are used for adjustment of raw steel.

Electronic devices and final mounting

For evolution of electronic devices are applied the most contemporary microprocesors simulators. The prototypes are quality tested with respect to high reliability. Mounting workrooms are adapted for flexible production.


All finished products are tested and check-out between production:
- electronical parts separately
- individual parts after finishing
- and whole finished poduct is tested for 2 hours for full functionality according to valid EU standards.

All the production and mounting area is more than 2500m2.

Haas CNC SL-10 Lathe

The SL-10 takes up only 6.5' x 4.5' of floor space, yet provides a generous 11" turning diameter, 14" turning length and a 16.25" swing over the front apron. This compact machine is a valuable addition to any shop needing a “second-op” machine, or wanting to add a lathe where space is at a premium. It is also the perfect lathe for start-up shops, or as a first step into CNC turning.

The SL-10 comes standard with a 6.5" hydraulic chuck and a 12-position bolt-on tool turret. A 15-hp (peak) vector drive spindle provides speeds to 6,000 rpm for high surface feedrates, and an A2-5 spindle nose accepts bar stock up to 1.75". A host of high-productivity options, such as a tool presetter, parts catcher, chip auger and tailstock, are available for the SL-10 to further boost productivity, and the Haas Servo Bar 300 bar feeder may be added for unattended operation. The Haas control features advanced tool management, single-button features, 15-inch color LCD monitor and a USB port – and it’s friendly to the bottom line as well.


The ever-popular Haas Mini Mill takes up only 6.5' x 6.5' of shop floor space, yet provides a generous work envelope of 16" x 12" x 10" XYZ. This super-compact machine features a 40-taper spindle, speeds to 6,000 rpm, 600-ipm rapids and a 10-pocket automatic tool changer. The Mini Mill handles small-parts manufacturing with the same reliability you've come to expect from all Haas CNC machines – it's ideal for finishing work and cutting aluminum, yet also provides enough low-end torque to cut steel.

To find out more about all the special things that make a Haas VMC perhaps the most popular machine tool in the world today, check out Options and Accessories.

Hand circular saw LMS 400 S

Manual circular saw for cutting material and full profiles of aluminum and alloys of light metals.

The main advantages are stable and robust construction, the exact cut, title saws turning 45° left and 45° right through positioning screws, title saws folding of the 45° left, rotary plate stored on bearings, imposed on the saw shaft bearings or two pneumatic vices with teflon quick release clamps. Transformed governing voltage 24 V, with an emergency switch, main switch and overload protection. Handle control is equipped by safety switch.

Electric harden Chamber Varico EVK 15

It serves the baking powder applied to the plastics electrically conductive objects in the environment where there is no leakage of explosive vapors and gases. The chamber is equipped with an electronic tracking system during the temperature and timing comoros. The design solution ensures compliance with required health and environment for the operator complies with all standards, health and safety.

The chamber is designed for placement in service of surface treatment of containerized system, which ensures the handling of processed items. Part of chamber is electrically operated exhaust valve and a filter module ECO 2000, which provide flue gases generated in the space comoros during the period of stay required temperature. According to the volume of work area is installed electrical power input 15 kW.

Dimensions [WxHxL]1950 x 2050 x 2800mm
Dimensions of working space1000 x 1200 x 2600mm
Working temperatureup to 200 °C
Number of fans2
Power imput16,1 kW
Voltage system3+PE+N  400 V / 50Hz
Weight850 kg

Integrated Chamber for powdered of coating plastics Varico VARIO 02

It serves to capture powdered plastic shot in the electrical field on the treated metal articles if recovery of the free non applied powdered plastic. Their design solution ensures compliance with required health and environment for the operator complies with all applicable standards, health and safety.

Working space is made of stainless steel sheet and is easily cleaned. The filter system is a double coat. Spray box is equipped with four exchange filter fields. Introduction of filter units, and thus extraction of powdered plastic material is electronically monitored and controlled automatically , cleaning the primary filter and switched off applying equipment. On the ceiling deck is attach the hanger hook for splashed objects.

Dimensions [WxHxL]1500 x 2400 x 2200mm
Dimensions of working space1200 x 1600 x 1200 mm
Exhaustion power4300m3 per hour
Number of filter bodies4
Power imput2,5 kW
Voltage system3+PE+N  400 V / 50Hz
Air consumptionmax. 30 m3 per hour
Weight520 kg

BOMAR Manual Bandsawing Machine STG 150

Heavy arm saws from vibration-resistant cast iron with a powerful industrial engine and gearbox with helical gear in oil bath ensuring long life. Accurate management heavymetal belt joint saw heads stored in roller-bearings, high saw band synchronous running brush at removing dust is a prerequisite for excellent cutting performance. Operated from the front, very easy and quick set of cuts in the angular range 45° - 90° and clamp with quick ensure multilateral deployment options. Pressure to cut weight of the arm is provided with hydraulic variable speed, easily controlled from the control desk, directly on the front of the machine. Cooling equipment in the base of the machine, a large removable bath for sawdust with dribble sieve (ecological disposal of dry sawdust) and adjustable length stop with clearance equipment to re-stroke (which prevents the stranded material during cutting) are standard equipment on the machine.

Resistance welding tongs BV 2521

Electronic multifunction microprocessor spot welder with Pulse and DC mode
One point welding to sheet thickness 1+1mm
Doubleside welding to sheet thickness. 1,5+1,5mm
Welding screws, rivets, nails, contacts, pads, etc.
Automatic displacement using various pliers
Annealing scheme for straightening sheet
Adjustable welding time
Election procedures for welding different thicknesses of sheet metal
Scoring pliers pneumatically operated and air cooled
Connect the air 4-8 bar, 200l/min

Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate ISO 9001
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Slovak Republic

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